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Story Background

The Text
Esther’s life is based on the story of the woman with the alabaster jar found in Luke 7:36-50. More . . .

Scripture, Sex, and Spirituality
The Alabaster Orphan isn’t a sanitized Sunday School version of Jesus’s life. More . . .

Mary’s Personal Journey
Read Mary’s personal message about how The Alabaster Orphan came to be. More . . .

Upcoming Events

At-Home Retreats

Would you like to learn from Dr. Maaga in the privacy of your own home among family and friends? She is available to present any of her current topics, including Dream Work, Women and Christianity, Christian Spirituality, and Transformational Living. For more information click the Contact Us link.

NEW Youth Group Program

Church youth groups are raving about “What Adults Don’t Tell You About Jesus (cuz they may not know it themselves!)” This retreat can be offered as an overnighter or one-day program. Contact Us for more information.

Mary Maaga has a PhD with distinction in Religion and Society from Drew University and was an Ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church. Her novel, The Alabaster Orphan: A Mystic Girl’s Journey with Jesus, about a fictional best friend of Jesus, is available in print from the author or for Kindle through Amazon.

Interview on NPR, Capital Public Radio 90.9

Listen to Dr. Maaga’s Dec. 11th interview at